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Hi there

I’m Dannielle, a married, part time working mother of 3 who loves to bake and create when I have time!!! I love making my children’s birthday cakes (like my Mum used to make for me) as well as other yummy treats and meals for my family and friends to enjoy. There’s a certain feeling of joy and contentment when you witness people enjoying the fruits of your labour.

I also enjoy the odd little dabble in craft and sewing, be it very basic, my thoughts are to give anything a go at least once!

Being a busy Mama bear I love any tips and idea’s that make general day to day living easier.

Discovering new idea’s and recipes is a bit like finding buried treasure. Sharing the treasure is what my Blog is all about.

I like to think of this blog as a little online morning or afternoon tea, midnight snack perhaps?… The way life is geared these days we don’t get quite as much time socialising and sharing idea’s face to face as we would like to.

I’m off to boil the jug for a cup of tea, I might even have a slice of cake too!

Dannielle x


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