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Fuel For A Mummy Melt-down…….

Mummy Meltdown post

By the time you are reading this I’m sure I’ll be well and truly over my Mummy Melt-down (for today at least anyway). I’ll be the first one to put my hand up and say I have Mummy Melt-downs and I think I would average one at least every 2nd day. If you’ve never had a Mummy melt-down then I say ‘hats off to you’, but I really don’t think it’s possible to breeze through parenthood without having at least 1 a week!

Little things like shoes, toys, gadgets, jackets, socks, books, dirty cloths and used anythings left sitting where they don’t belong will get me melting especially when the rightful owner gives a big huff, sigh, whine, call it what you like (these noises happen here all the time) when asked to locate the item to where it belongs. And heaven forbid If by my 3rd request I choose to raise my voice, because no one appears to be listening!

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is the fact that all this stuff that gets left laying around always seems to get put away in a hurry & with zero care factor of being able to find it again and this my lovely friends leads me to exhibit A below, belonging to a certain 7-year-old who resides in this house.

a 7-year-old cupboard, self styled

Here we have the self-styled shelving compartment of you know who’s wardrobe. I will mention that these shelves were once tidy, but apparently when you’re in trouble for leaving things laying around the house the easiest way to get yourself out of the spotlight is to make the item eventually disappear on a shelf, behind a door, out of sight, creating the beautiful sight pictured.

Let’s take a closer look shall we…….

cleaning up a 7-year-olds cupboard

No, it doesn’t look any better close up!

I think you can see that this creation (mess!!!) has taken quite some effort.

I will just say there are only so many times (probably 100) that I can look in a cupboard like this before my brain goes into Mummy Melt-down mode.

Yesterday a Melt-down moment was fuelled , I had opened (or attempted to open) that cupboard one too many times. I could feel myself beginning to feel very frazzled and cranky just thinking about THAT cupboard! Fortunately it was just me and one little threenager at home, if the owner of the creation had  been home there may have been a slight discussion, mainly me expressing my frustration.

I completely understand there may be people that could happily go on living with a creation like this in their house (I would never judge you) but for me as I said there comes a point when I crack (I wish I didn’t) and the only way I know I can make myself feel better is to attack the problem head on. So that’s what I did yesterday.

There was the emptying out of the cupboard.

The emptying out of the cupboard

The sorting process, garbage, hand-me downs, etc……

Garbage pile for the clean out

The hand-me-down collection

It’s all about striking while the house is completely yours, a job like this is so much easier when you don’t have an audience.

My potential audience slept like an angel! (Thanks Lans)

My sleeping angel

And I continued…………

Finding my favourite childhood story book ‘Good-bye Tonsils’ and a pair of  my missing scissors while sorting (strange combination I know) but there you have it.

My favourite childhood story book

The end result was a space I had forgotten existed!!! AMAZING!!!! And that full on, frazzled, frustrated feeling lifted, leaving just a small (you know there are plenty more cupboards almost looking like that in this house) niggle!

The finished product

The question is ‘how long will this tidy space last’? Going by previous experiences I’d say we’ve got about 6 months!!

Reality is to-do lists are like never ending stories, it’s all about prioritising and being the super organised Mummy that I am NOT, so I generally leave it up to my melt-down moments to let me know what needs to be done next. Going by the issues I encountered opening my Tupperware draws last night (I may have discreetly sworn a little) I’d say I’ve found my next target!

Now over to you…… Do you wait for Mummy Melt-down mode to kick in like me or do you have an organised system for keeping things in order at your place?

I’d love to hear any thoughts or advice you have.

Until then……..





By the time you are reading this I'm sure I'll be well and truly over my Mummy Melt-down (for today at least anyway). I'...

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