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Our Festive Season Round-Up For 2014

festive season roundup feature

Hello and welcome back all you lovely people!

Happy 2015!

Hope the festive season was kind to you all and if it wasn’t know that I’m sending big cyber hugs your way, wishing that 2015 will be a healthy, safe and happy year for us all.

Taking a blogging break to be with my precious little family over the festive season was just lovely, we got to spend some great quality time together. Would you believe I gave up my iPhone for a day? I’m talking left it at home and went out without it for a whole day! (that’s huge for me) When we called into my parent’s house on our way home Mum asked if I got the message she had left me and I explained there was no phone with me, she said ‘what…. are you sick or something?’ I highly recommend trying it (just for a day), you won’t know yourself!

While I was on break I made sure I snapped up some happy pics I could share with you all.

I did mention some great quality time were spent together but with the great times also come the realistic, standard, run of the mill, family of 5, tantrums, melt-downs and timeouts (we All had a turn), I make no claims for 100% smooth sailing in this house, voices do get raised (mine a little too much according to Zadada), people cry (I do a good tear) and words that only 18+ people are allowed to say (that’s the rule in this house) get said occasionally by the 18+ occupants. All in all I think we’re pretty normal, that’s what I tell myself so I stay half sane 😉 The main thing I look at is that the good times outweigh those other times.

Now for those happy pics from the last couple of weeks (melt-downs don’t photograph too well so you’re in luck, only goodness today!)

It seems we have made a bit of a golden arches Christmas Eve tradition, dining in one of our local parks eating MacDonald’s before attending mass! Great option for when you’ve been working or Christmas feast preparing all day Christmas eve, last year it was cooking, this year it was work.

Christmas Eve 2014

After mass it was home to change into Pj’s, watch a few Christmas carols on telly, set up a plate for the big man in red, brush teeth and nighty nights for the little people. I think Zadada and I made it to bed by about midnight!

Christmas morning rolled around very quickly, the sun was up and we could hear little feet pitter pattering on the tiles up the hallway toward our bedroom (the signal for Zadada and I to rise and shine and grab a strong cup of tea!).

Christmas morning 2014

Now do tell me is it just me or do you find the packaging on children’s toys ridiculous?

How many zip ties, rubber bands, pieces of plastic and cardboard does it take to securely package a barbie doll or singing bird? Way too many for my liking!!

Packaging of toys

Zadada had his work cut out for him, Santa delivered a trampoline in its boxes, I secretly think he was happy to be outside creating while I was inside preparing for the day of visiting ahead.

Check out our furry Santa foreman.

Betty & the trampoline

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a little bit of dress-up and affection!

Hound smooches

Lunch was spent with Zadada’s family at his Grandfather’s house, everyone brought a plate or 3 of something! I just love how food brings everyone together!

Christmas 2014 spread

Dessert I made a few things,  a special mention goes to Lucy from Bake Play Smile , I made a double batch of her turkey meatloaf with cranberry glaze, that way I had one for the lunch crowd and one for the dinner crowd (my family). My dad makes a mean turkey rissole with bacon so I couldn’t resist but to pop some diced, fried off bacon in the mix too.

Delish I tell you and very economical! Thanks Lucy xx

Lucy's Turkey Meatloaf


My gorgeous friend Jennifer recently steered me in the direction of a new couscous salad, I did road-test it during early December and it passed the tastebud/visually appealing test with flying colours, starring as one of my salad contributions for Christmas day. You’ll be getting the recipe later this week. Here’s a close up peek in the meantime.

Newest favourite salad

After lunch and clean up there was some time spent just sitting. One of those quality melt-down free moments!

Zadada and I

Christmas is huge with end of year parties, all the preparations, gift purchasing, the excitement, the stress (oh those meltdowns), the exhaustion, don’t get me wrong, I really do love Christmas but am glad it happens just once a year!

Speaking of once a year, Zadada (oh he’s such a great organiser of cupboards…….. really!) and I find this time of year a good time to declutter the kidlets  bedrooms, out with the old (donations were made) and in with some new!

Scary or what…… I’ve only just got rid of the last lot of clutter in the laundry this week! Clothing is next on the hit list!

Same time next year Zadada?

decluttering christmas 2014

Now the rest of the happy snaps are pretty well self explanatory. A few little notes, we are very fortunate to have our very own swimming hole on our property, I don’t often use it as I’m not a fan of walking through the paddock by myself with the kidlets to get to it. With Zadada home on break I made an exception and we spent a lovely afternoon/evening splashing and swimming. It was so nice to just sit and soak up what’s in our very own backyard and enjoy the company of the 4 most important people in my life.

Betty showed us all how much she loves the water and a body board too!

Then there is just the other stuff, playing at home, dinner on the trampoline, pretty flowers home grown and gifted to me by Zadada’s Nan, new bed linen, New Years Eve at the beach with lovely friends, drinks creek side, sparkler fun,

Swimming hole 2014

Just relaxing

surfs up Betty


Dinner on the tramp

Homegrown flowers

New bed set

New Years Eve 2014

New Years Eve 2014 2

drinks and snacks creekside

some sparkle


Betty & Blake Dec 2014

I was guilty of having cake as my second course of breakfast on more than one occasion!

2 lovely ladies at our local bottle shop introduced me to a sparkling Sav Blanc….. I’ll be buying it again very soon, loved it!

When you live on a farm there is always other work to do, I snapped the pics of the cows,  Zadada and his grandfather ready to do some delousing on my way to dropping Blake to a friends house.

cake for breakfast

Sparkling Sav

cows ready for their delousing

the delousers

And of course there was a touch of baking and family trip to the cinema, if you haven’t seen Paddington you need to, it was such a feel good family movie that everyone applauded at its end, I don’t think I’ve experienced that since watching Titanic at the cinema all those years ago.

a touch of baking


So how did you fare over the festive break? Were there any meltdowns at your place? Did you have fun freeing those toys from all their packaging? Do any decluttering?

Hope you got to enjoy some quality family time too.

So good to be back. Here’s to a gorgeous 2015!

Stay tuned for the couscous salad recipe later this week.

Until then…..






Hello and welcome back all you lovely people! Happy 2015! Hope the festive season was kind to you all and if it wasn't k...

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Show Weekend Minus One Zadada

show weekend feature

Life has been hectic around these parts of late but I should add GOOD hectic!

When everyone is well and happy (which they are at the moment), I really have no complaints, no major ones anyway.

The weekend just past saw lots happening, here’s a little rundown:



Zadada took a well deserved break away beach camping on the Sunshine Coast with some mates (he had an early 2:30am start). He sent me a picture of the sunrise he woke up to and their camp site. Mother nature at her best!

Zadada's view

The kidlets had grandparents day at school which also entails a visit to our local agricultural show (the show just happens to be in close proximity to school and school just happens to hold Grandparents day the same day the show is on, all very convenient, the kidlets love it, not sure about the grandparents??? Thanks Mum, Dad, Uncle Brad and Aimee for taking them xx)

My brother and his gorgeous girlfriend got engaged!!!!! (very exciting)

The kidelts got taken trick or treating by Kaymac (my sister) Friday night (an extra bonus that was not in the program, I will say spoilt!)

I worked and after a full days worth of excitement  with all the above action we didn’t get home until after 9pm.

If you are a spider lover please skip the next paragraph.

Entering the family room on our arrival home I was quickly made aware (thanks Ella, you’ve invented some good dance moves) of a huntsman spider scaling its way along our ceiling, we haven’t had one visit for yonks (of course he had to choose the weekend I was flying Solo!!). It took drowning him with insect spray, a big whack with my shoe, my heart pounding and 3 kidlets hiding in the bedroom (they hate spiders!!) to get that spider sorted, phewwww ! Just call me Spidermama, it’s amazing what you’re capable of when you don’t have any Zadada’s around!

Then it was bedtime for the kidlets at least! I still had all the stock standard unpacking ahead of me (just another day hey!)


More show time!

It’s become a yearly tradition when show weekend rolls around, we go and when I say we, the kidlets usually go for a few hours with Mum and Dad on the Friday (Grandparents Day!), Zadada (who loves our agricultural show) has been known to go to the rodeo on the Friday night (that didn’t happen this year) and then when Saturday rolls around we usually go as a family!…… ‘Show Groupies’ I think we’d be classified as!

This year we were down one Zadada and he was missed (it’s just not the same flying solo!). To be honest I would have been quite happy to give it a miss this year but there was no way our 3 little munchkins were going to let me get away with that notion!

We hit the grounds of the show around 3 and caught the wood chopping final straight up,

Wood chop final

then found the snake show, we got to see a red belly black snake, a death adder and an eastern brown, after 5 minutes I’d had my dose of snakes for the decade, ‘lets move on’ I said.


I was so very grateful when an hour after our arrival Mum and Kaymac phoned and said they’d like to join us. Extra sets of hands are always warmly welcomed. We all went and checked out some much more pleasant creatures.

Animal nursery

Alani got to enjoy a lot more of the show this year, especially now that she has fully graduated from the stroller, becoming Miss independent and using that little pair of legs to walk everywhere, speaking of that little pair of legs, Alani had her sights set on the Bungee trampoline (that’s what the big kidlets call it), just check her out, not half proud!

Bungee Tramp

We then had a quick squiz at what the locals had been creating and it wouldn’t have been complete without viewing some baking!

Thinking maybe I should pop an entry in next year!

Display pavilion

Next up was a first time ride on the whizzer for Master Blake. Kaymac was happy to be the attending adult while I got to snap up their fun!

The first time whizzer rider

The rest, well it speaks for itself here you go…… (check out the happy threenager, a day out wouldn’t be complete without a little meltdown, this was the good picture)

A quick mummy snap


horse action


hooking ducks

Of course we finished on a high note……FOOD!!!!

Blake tried his first ever Dagwood dog with no ill side effects! The girls settled for some hot chips and a slice of Grandma’s Pizza!

Dagwood dog experience

I headed straight for some vegetarian food I enjoyed so much last year. When you’re on a good thing…….. and dessert was a must!

Zamama's food experience

We had a lovely afternoon and evening the only thing missing was our Zadada.

I managed to sneak us home before dark though I did have someone in tears because we missed the fireworks, and I did kindly and calmly explain you can’t get what you want all the time! Half way home that little 7 year old in tears was sound asleep.

Stay with me there’s still a bit more…….


You don’t think I’d let a weekend pass without creating in the kitchen do you?

We started with an experiment, a ‘Gummy Bear Ice Cream Slice’, Blake was my assistant. This little treasure will be starring on the blog later this week.

Ice cream slice

Then I moved onto my big project for the day a Number 1 birthday cake for a sweet little girl named Lyla. A double quantity  of butter cake later as well as a quadruple batch of butter cream icing and I had operation birthday cake sorted! I use the patterns in the original Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday cake book to shape out my numbers. Love that book, so do the kidlets.

During this little project Zadada arrived home and it was hugs all round! I know it was only 2 nights (actually 2 and 1/2) we just missed him lots and were so glad to have him home safe and sound.

someone special's number 1

And the last creation in the kitchen on Sunday was a round of homemade pizza’s for dinner! This time it was Ella’s turn.

Pizza making

Now to perfectly round a post like this off I thought we’d end things with a little pink tongue!

Betty just loves Locky and Locky has been so patient with Betty, it’s so much fun watching their little friendship unfold.

furry kids

And that my lovelies was our weekend.

How was your weekend? Do you like going to agricultural shows? Create anything in the kitchen? I’d  love to hear!

Until the next time……


Life has been hectic around these parts of late but I should add GOOD hectic! When everyone is well and happy (which the...

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Betty’s First Week!

As a lot of you would be aware we recently decided to add  a new furry friend to our family, a little female Moodle. You would also be aware it has taken us quite some time to choose her name……..but finally we I have made a decision (Zadada said ok) and we’re going with ‘BETTY’.

Betty 28

Betty has now been a permanent resident for a whole week and I will say each day she has been with us a little bit more of her personality gets revealed, she’s just a little sweetheart who’s been welcomed with open arms (I will add here we still have one three-year-old adjusting to her presence, little puppy claws and teeth can be a bit scary at times, we’re getting there).

Betty 34

We’ve never owned a small dog before and I have to say we’re embracing it (as I said one little three year old will get there), as I type this post Betty is sleeping soundly on my lap and I’m loving every cuddle like this that comes my way ( my turn happens when the kidlets are all in bed), don’t get me wrong with the small dog thing, we love our BIG Zapuppydog with all our hearts and wouldn’t trade him for the world, being able to have both makes me feel very fortunate. As a little girl all I ever wanted was to live in the country and own a dog and now here I am living in the country happily married with 3 children, 2 dogs, a cat, 3 guinea pigs and  20 head of cattle give or take (there are some babies on the way!).

Betty 30

Now getting back to our newest little addition I couldn’t resist but to snap up every moment possible from her first week here with us. Apologies for the abundance of images, I just couldn’t cull them down any further than this.

Betty 22

Betty 25Betty 24

There’s been a few socialising lessons taking place and so far everyone has behaved. David the cat looks from a distance but hasn’t got close enough for a picture yet.

Betty 23

Betty 15

A certain little someone likes to spend quite a bit of time at my feet, she’s even had a little yap at me when I move away as if to say “please come back!”

Betty 29

Betty 32

Betty 31

And speaking of feet little Betty has a slight fetish with one Zadada’a ugg boots…..thank goodness I got rid of the old ones!

Betty 7

Betty 12

There’s been lots of playing……

Betty 18

Betty 20

Betty 21

Betty 17

Betty 16

Betty 11

Betty 19

Betty 6

And lots of cuddles and sleeping.

Betty 26

Betty 14

Betty 9

Betty 8

Betty 4

I will add there have been puppy poos and wees in the wrong places but also in the right places too, I’m very grateful for a house that has tiled living areas, I think the toilet training will just take lots of time and patience. All in all little Betty is doing just great and she’s added another dimension of happiness to our little family. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on her progress.

If  you have any puppy tips I’d love to hear them.

Stay tuned mid-week for a yummy baking post that involves lemons!

Until then……..



As a lot of you would be aware we recently decided to add  a new furry friend to our family, a little female Moodle. You...

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Project Pretty Up & A Round Of Bubbles

Project pretty up

I’ve been wanting to do something with our front entry for ages and finally with the help of 3 little kidlets and one Zagrandma my wanting turned into some doing!

The inspiration

I’ve had this bowl (a very special bowl as it was my late Nanna’s Scone mixing bowl) of petunias and pansies growing since about April and they haven’t looked back, maybe just 3 or 4 times when I’ve forgotten to water them every now and then,  but a quick drink soon fixes that, they’ve bounced back every time! I make no claims to being any type of green thumb but I do love fresh flowers and plants growing.  Considering I’ve managed to keep these little treasures plugging along I thought I’d try my luck with a little bit more green thumbing, a ‘Pretty Up’ outside our entry!

The final straw to motivate me was last seeing this post last week here Of Babymac’s, that really got me wanting to do something with some plants and flowers. Gosh that girl can take an awesome shot and write a great post!

With it being school holidays I decided on Monday it would be now or never. I got on the phone to Zagrandma told her we were coming to town to buy some planting supplies and that if she wanted to we would love her to join us. She was up for the challenge.

We popped into a couple of our local shops JH Williams, The reject shop (love that shop so do the kidlets) and our palliative care op shop.

With supplies and kidlets (including a bag of hot chips) all packed into the car and one Zagrandma at the ready we headed for home for  ‘Project Pretty Up!’

I will note at this point that a pack of $2 bubbles was purchased from the reject shop, here’s the events of Monday afternoon.

bubble fun 2

chasing bubbles

Learning the art of bubbles

helper 2 on the trolley

helper 1 supervising helpe

helper 1 planting

a rare pic

project pretty up shaping up

waterer 2

some more treasures

one of my favourite pieces in the garden

One of my favourites

The finished ‘Pretty Up’. Not majorly fancy but better than it was!

I’d just love to find a happy welcome door mat now! Any suggestions?

Project pretty up complete

And I’m still not quite sure who enjoyed the bubbles more?

Thanks for all your help Mum! I’d be lost without you xxxx

Zagrandma chief bubbler

So lovelies any green thumb tips for the little plants would be gratefully taken on board. I’ll try to keep you posted on their progress!

What activities have you been getting up to these school holidays? I’d love to hear.

I’ve got a yummy old fashioned dessert post still to come this week and next week there’ll be a recipe post using m&m’s, fun and yum for the kidlets! So stay tuned…

Until then…….


I've been wanting to do something with our front entry for ages and finally with the help of 3 little kidlets and one Za...

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School Holiday Flashbacks!

School holiday Flash back collage

School holidays are upon us. Term 3 is virtually done and dusted for another year, can you believe it?

Our 2 big kids are heading off for their end of term treat day, they tell me it’s a day where they do no work and get to play games……. Oh to be little again!

With Zadada working full-time and me working part-time there is always the organisation of care for the kids during the holidays. Fortunately we don’t have to organise too much as we have 2 sets of very supportive grandparents close by , whom we are extremely grateful for as they always come to our rescue during school holidays, we truly would be lost without them. Usually the Grandparents will brave a Movie, have a little shopping day or do a park adventure with the kidlets.

On the days I don’t work, in between the general house running I try to do a little outing with the munchkins.

These holidays I know we’ve got one 9-year-old booked in for a 4 hour football clinic and that’s about the only thing we’re locked right into. I’m thinking if the weather stays as nice as it’s been lately we’ll have a beach/park day in the mix and hopefully get a few good quality home days in there too, you know the ones where you all stay in your Pj’s til late morning (well that’s what we do) and it’s great, no rushing, no panicking, no yelling (from me to hurry up and get in the car or we’ll be late)………just days where you can RELAX and not think about school schedules, it’s great!

In case you were curious I thought I’d share a few school holiday ‘flash backs’ from over the last 12 months……

Just click on the titles and you’ll be delivered to the post.

Baking A Savoury Scroll

Savoury scroll

A Great Way To Kick Start The School Holidays

Family trip to Brisbane Museum

Home Days And A Batch Of Marble Cakes

Marble Cupcakes

School Holidays, Tea Cups, Saucers and I’m Hungry!

Tea Party for 2

An Outdoor Adventure As A Family of 5 Plus One Furry Friend

Outdoor family adventure

A Kidlet Friendly Slice For The Holidays

Easy slice

Our Fiji Family Adventure

Fiji Holiday

What ever you get up to these school holidays I hope you do enjoy some quality family time because life in general and our children’s childhoods are too short and precious not to.

Until the next time……


School holidays are upon us. Term 3 is virtually done and dusted for another year, can you believe it? Our 2 big kids ar...

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Fuel For A Mummy Melt-down…….

Mummy Meltdown post

By the time you are reading this I’m sure I’ll be well and truly over my Mummy Melt-down (for today at least anyway). I’ll be the first one to put my hand up and say I have Mummy Melt-downs and I think I would average one at least every 2nd day. If you’ve never had a Mummy melt-down then I say ‘hats off to you’, but I really don’t think it’s possible to breeze through parenthood without having at least 1 a week!

Little things like shoes, toys, gadgets, jackets, socks, books, dirty cloths and used anythings left sitting where they don’t belong will get me melting especially when the rightful owner gives a big huff, sigh, whine, call it what you like (these noises happen here all the time) when asked to locate the item to where it belongs. And heaven forbid If by my 3rd request I choose to raise my voice, because no one appears to be listening!

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is the fact that all this stuff that gets left laying around always seems to get put away in a hurry & with zero care factor of being able to find it again and this my lovely friends leads me to exhibit A below, belonging to a certain 7-year-old who resides in this house.

a 7-year-old cupboard, self styled

Here we have the self-styled shelving compartment of you know who’s wardrobe. I will mention that these shelves were once tidy, but apparently when you’re in trouble for leaving things laying around the house the easiest way to get yourself out of the spotlight is to make the item eventually disappear on a shelf, behind a door, out of sight, creating the beautiful sight pictured.

Let’s take a closer look shall we…….

cleaning up a 7-year-olds cupboard

No, it doesn’t look any better close up!

I think you can see that this creation (mess!!!) has taken quite some effort.

I will just say there are only so many times (probably 100) that I can look in a cupboard like this before my brain goes into Mummy Melt-down mode.

Yesterday a Melt-down moment was fuelled , I had opened (or attempted to open) that cupboard one too many times. I could feel myself beginning to feel very frazzled and cranky just thinking about THAT cupboard! Fortunately it was just me and one little threenager at home, if the owner of the creation had  been home there may have been a slight discussion, mainly me expressing my frustration.

I completely understand there may be people that could happily go on living with a creation like this in their house (I would never judge you) but for me as I said there comes a point when I crack (I wish I didn’t) and the only way I know I can make myself feel better is to attack the problem head on. So that’s what I did yesterday.

There was the emptying out of the cupboard.

The emptying out of the cupboard

The sorting process, garbage, hand-me downs, etc……

Garbage pile for the clean out

The hand-me-down collection

It’s all about striking while the house is completely yours, a job like this is so much easier when you don’t have an audience.

My potential audience slept like an angel! (Thanks Lans)

My sleeping angel

And I continued…………

Finding my favourite childhood story book ‘Good-bye Tonsils’ and a pair of  my missing scissors while sorting (strange combination I know) but there you have it.

My favourite childhood story book

The end result was a space I had forgotten existed!!! AMAZING!!!! And that full on, frazzled, frustrated feeling lifted, leaving just a small (you know there are plenty more cupboards almost looking like that in this house) niggle!

The finished product

The question is ‘how long will this tidy space last’? Going by previous experiences I’d say we’ve got about 6 months!!

Reality is to-do lists are like never ending stories, it’s all about prioritising and being the super organised Mummy that I am NOT, so I generally leave it up to my melt-down moments to let me know what needs to be done next. Going by the issues I encountered opening my Tupperware draws last night (I may have discreetly sworn a little) I’d say I’ve found my next target!

Now over to you…… Do you wait for Mummy Melt-down mode to kick in like me or do you have an organised system for keeping things in order at your place?

I’d love to hear any thoughts or advice you have.

Until then……..





By the time you are reading this I'm sure I'll be well and truly over my Mummy Melt-down (for today at least anyway). I'...

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Home Days & A Batch Of Marble Cakes

School Holidays are drawing to a close in NSW and QLD so I thought I’d give you some insight into how We/I really like to spend a SH home day in this neck of the woods.

The weather has been absolutely amazing, a little cool and frosty but so fine and beautiful.

I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy some time out and about in the sunshine.

So here you go, a visual of a typical Winter SH (School Holiday) home day in the Zamamabakes household.

Frosty Morning Start

Biking it

Vacuumingfeeding the pigs

feeding the kidlets

packing/unpacking the dishwasher

appropriate home attireBack yard play

Mud pieslittle treasures

Lunch time!

Prep Dinner

Quiet Time

The never ending pileYou know who

When the sun disappears

I don’t think too many more words are needed. I may have left out a few things like a tantrum here and there and my voice being raised (that’s the polite way of putting it) thank goodness there is no one here to take a picture of that!

Now for some School Holiday baking……..

We didn’t make these Marble Cake’s on this Particular home day but we did make them on one of our home days last week and I think they are worth sharing. Simple, fun and of course……. tasty!

Kids Marble cupcakes

To make a batch of these delightful little morsels all you need to do is mix up a batch of batter that I use in my fairy cakes here.

Once you have the batter ready pop half the mixture into a separate bowl and mix 2 tablespoons of sifted cocoa into the batter until well combined.

Then just alternate dropping spoonful’s of each mixture into patty pans until 2/3 full and gently swirl a little with a skewer.

Bake as directed for fairy cakes.

Ice as desired. I used a batch of butter cream icing, you’ll find that recipe here.

We did make these treasures while the little threenager of the household was taking her nap. There was lots of finger and spoon licking goodness at the end (isn’t that what making a cake is all about?).

Zadada had one plated up by the helpers to greet him as he arrived home.

Life is good and I am so very grateful for every gorgeous day!

What do you get up to during the School Holidays? I’d love to know…..

Stay tuned for my upcoming post of a Spinach and Feta Tart this Sunday, another easy and tasty dish for the whole family to enjoy!

Until then lovelies,




School Holidays are drawing to a close in NSW and QLD so I thought I'd give you some insight into how We/I really like t...

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A Quick, Tasty Sunday Dinner With A Dash of Morocco!

dinner is served

Another week down? Can’t believe we are already heading into week 6 of this school term!! The last week has seen quite a bit of action in the Zamama household. Starting all the way back with last weekend, Zadada was away in Sydney for 2 nights, it was great to have him walk back through the door on Sunday afternoon as 3 little kidlets and one Zamama  missed him lots. I will say we had some gorgeous company (Zagrandma, Kaymac, Uncle Brad, Zagorgeous Aimee and Zachick) on the Saturday night which helped take little minds off Zadada’s absence. I made a batch of Easy Beef Cheeks and they were a great hit and dessert was a mini ice cream, chocolate slice sundaes with Salted Caramel and Dark chocolate sauces. It was so lovely to spend quality time with beautiful people while enjoying a delicious home cooked meal!! On Sunday we  had a little creek side picnic in the backyard, Zapuppydog joined in too.

picnic and locky

We’ve also had swimming, scouts, pirate shows, preschool, school, state of origins and gym. I’m trying to spruce up the family room with some geometric shapes & colour. So in between working, blogging and Mothering I tried to make some headway, I’ll keep you posted with how everything shapes up in that department. Do stay tuned because in the very near future I have a Colourfulful little Geometric give away happening, bit exciting…… I have 3 gorgeous online businesses involved.

I managed to submit my entry into Mamamia’s competition , you’ve got to be in it to have a chance don’t you? The good news is I will be sharing the recipe I created to enter the competition with all of you next week! Trust me it was deeeelicous!!

Even though our week was pretty busy (I know there would be busier for some) that’s just how life is at the moment (I really wouldn’t change a thing except add a few extra hours in the day!).

Remember the smallest thing can make someone’s day, try it out if you haven’t already. My challenge to you for the week ahead, give out 3 genuine compliments to 3 different people! Giving is living lovely ones!

I hope all of you have had a good week too!

Enough of my waffle….. I believe I have a recipe with a dash of Morocco to share. This little treasure is a great one for the whole family and the beauty of it is that you can prep most of it in advance. It was a fabulous hit a couple of Sundays ago with our whole family of 5 (when the 3 year old at least attempts something new I refer to that as a hit). I give full credit to the lady who inspired me to cook this from her recipe book, that lady would be Jane Kennedy and her recipe book (The one I got for Mothers Day) is called ‘One Dish: Two Ways’   she gives you one dish with the option of making it two ways to suit little and big people. Love your work Jane!

Dinner done

Moroccan Beef Kebabs With Couscous

Must Have Ingredients:

2 Zucchini cut into 3 cm thick rounds

600g beef rump steak trimmed cut into 4cm cubes (this was delicious, chicken would be great too)

1 onion cut into wedges 1 cup couscous olive oil for brushing

8 bamboo skewers, soaked for 30 minutes (you can also use metal skewers)

Ingredients For Adults:

1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest

2 teaspoons chopped mint 2 teaspoons chopped flat leaf parsley

1 teaspoon flaked almonds (I love almonds so I used extra)

1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg (I just used ground nutmeg)

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1/4 teaspoon ground allspice

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

pinch cayenne pepper

pinch of ground cinnamon

1 Tablespoon olive oil


1. Thread Zucchini, beef and onion alternatively onto the skewers and divide onto 2 plates.

2. In a heatproof bowl, prepare the couscous according to the packet instructions. Fluff it up with a fork and divide into 2 portions.

3. Preheat the grill of your BBQ to a medium heat.

Dish 1, For The Kids:

Lightly brush the skewers with olive oil, season with salt and grill for 3 minutes on each side (for medium), or until cooked to their liking. Keep the Couscous plain and serve with the juicy beef skewers.

Kids Dish 1

Dish 2, For The More Adventurous Taste Buds:

While the couscous is still warm, add the lemon zest, mint, parsley and almonds to one portion and stir with a fork. Cover and let stand for 1 minute or more.

In a bowl, combine the spices with the oil. Season with salt and brush the spicy mixture onto the adults’ skewers. BBQ for 3 minutes on each side (for medium) or until they are cooked to your liking. Remove the beef, onion and zucchini from the skewers and serve on the fragrant couscous.

skewed Ready to go brushing BBQing dinner is served

You so need to jump on the wagon and make this dish. We’ll definitely be making a return visit but next time as I said above I’m going to try chicken Breast instead of the beef.

We are planning to give Zapuppydog the best bath he has ever had in his doggy life this afternoon, he’s been suffering from some itchiness, I’m talking conditioner involvement!! The great people from Dr Zoo coincidently asked me to review some of their Itchy Dog range (I said yes please!!). There will be a full post to come on this little treat for Zapuppydog, hopefully we can kick that itch for him!!

Tonight’s dinner is going to be Enchilda’s, Zadada’s request!

In the meantime keep smiling and remember that compliment challenge 3 for 3 different people. I’d love to hear about it, just comment below.

Have a great weekend!!

Until the next time……


Another week down? Can't believe we are already heading into week 6 of this school term!! The last week has seen quite a...

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A Long weekend To Treasure… Thank You Easter

Today has been a day of gentle winding down and catching up around the house after a big weekend of Easter and Birthday celebrations.

Weekends like this really make me stop and reflect how fortunate I am to be the Mummy member of my little family of 5. We have had a gorgeous break catching up with precious family, making new friends, celebrating 9th Birthdays picnicking & fishing (I caught a fish!!!), overindulging in chocolate and just having ‘time’ to appreciate everything that is good in life!







Hot Cross Bun

Easter Morning

9th Birthday cake

birthday Boy



beach footy



My little family


I hope the Easter weekend has brought all of you lots of love, hugs and treasured moments.

Until the next time,


Today has been a day of gentle winding down and catching up around the house after a big weekend of Easter and Birthday...

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Our Festive Celebrations for 2013

Well hello there!!! Welcome back lovely readers.
Happy New Year to you all!!!
I can’t believe it’s now 2014. Christmas is all done and dusted for another year. Thank goodness Christmas only occurs once a year, I love it, but physically, financially and mentally I think once a year is more than enough for everyone (I believe the next 12 months is to recover).
We had a fantastic festive break, sharing it with beautiful family and friends. I feel truly blessed to be part of such a special network of people. I did promise a post-Christmas Blog Post so rather than waffle on (like I usually do) I think I will let the pictures do more of the talking today.


It was a group effort putting our Christmas day feast together. This was some of the kitchen action on Christmas Eve. Zasister, Zagrandma and Zakidlets all doing their bit. Zadada was doing plenty behind the scenes, taking these pictures, tending to the outside maintenance and keeping Zakidlets entertained.


I love a pretty Christmas table. This year I used a mirror as part of my centre piece on the table (an idea I found on pinterest). I was really happy with how it all turned out.


Tradition in The Zamamabakes household is to attend Mass on Christmas Eve. We managed a quick bite to eat before hand, the kids request of course, but it was lovely to just sit and have a few moments as our family of 5.


We had to leave some treats out for Santa and his Reindeer. The banana and strawberries on the plate was my attempt to Christmas Brekky a little (some more pinterest inspiration).


I love watching the kids discover their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning.


This was our group for Christmas lunch. Zasister, Zagorgeous Aimee, Zabrother, Zadada, Zamama (me), Zapop, Zagrandma and of course Zakidlets our little cherubs Alani, Blake and Ella. Missing from the picture is Zauncle Jim, he was behind the camera for this shot.


Some yummy morning appetizers! I made sure I had that glass of champagne (a Christmas gift from Zasister last year). We had a delicious Cheeseball Zauncle Jim made I intend on sharing the recipe as soon as I can.


This is some of what was on offer for lunch, dinner and lunch again on boxing day!! So much food, so delicious.


Zakidlets table and the rest of us.


Dessert was scrumptious another great group effort.


And just in case you felt like something else sweet we had Zanan’s Trifle, Zagrandma’s fruit cake and a tray of yummy homemade chocolates.


It’s not Christmas without a spot of cricket, I chose to spectate and ensure the electric fence was switched off!!!


How could we forget Zapuppydog!! Blake found this dog shirt at the reject shop before Christmas, wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree for Locky. It was a little on the tight side so it was on long enough to take a picture. I think Zapuppydog needs to lose a little weight, (his New Years resolution perhaps).


Boxing day brought some motor biking action.


As well as some construction action.
Lots of fun was had by all involved.


For Christmas Zagrandma and Zapop, Zanan and Zapop as well as Zadada and Myself all put in to purchase a climbing fort for Zakidlets. The only thing was it came flat packed.


The day after boxing day we had a working bee that went for 12 hours (I happened to be in at work for 8 of those hours). I still managed to lend a bit of a helping hand when I got home (I think) for a few brief moments at least (I fitted in the fort a little more comfortably than Zadada), they even let me loose with the drill!!!


The finished product with some very happy owners!!
Thank you to Zanan, Zagrandma, Zapop and Zadada for making this happen all in a day!!!
For those interested we purchased the climbing fort from the ceder climbing frame specialists. See details here. We are extremely happy with it so far.


We also managed a beach trip during the festive break. We had a great day!!!


Before we knew it a week had passed and a new year was almost upon us. We stayed at home sharing New Years Eve with some lovely friends.


New Year celebrations are not complete without Dessert!! In fact no celebration is complete without dessert!! I made an easy Chocolate, cream and berry log, it’s a bit of a cheats dessert, great when you are a little time poor and is always yummy!!

I am looking forward to sharing some recipes from the festive break soon.
While the kids are on holidays things may be a little hit and miss, I will do my best.
It’s great to be back, stay tuned.


Well hello there!!! Welcome back lovely readers. Happy New Year to you all!!! I can't believe it's now 2014. Christmas i...

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