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A Long weekend To Treasure… Thank You Easter

Today has been a day of gentle winding down and catching up around the house after a big weekend of Easter and Birthday celebrations.

Weekends like this really make me stop and reflect how fortunate I am to be the Mummy member of my little family of 5. We have had a gorgeous break catching up with precious family, making new friends, celebrating 9th Birthdays picnicking & fishing (I caught a fish!!!), overindulging in chocolate and just having ‘time’ to appreciate everything that is good in life!







Hot Cross Bun

Easter Morning

9th Birthday cake

birthday Boy



beach footy



My little family


I hope the Easter weekend has brought all of you lots of love, hugs and treasured moments.

Until the next time,


Today has been a day of gentle winding down and catching up around the house after a big weekend of Easter and Birthday...

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A great way to kick start the School Holidays

Looking for a little adventure these school holidays?
We  had ourselves a little day trip to the Queensland Museum today. Due to the fact that such a great time was had I couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing our day. We were also very fortunate to share our day in the company of some very special friends Glenn and Jennifer and their 3 little people. So 2 families of 5, 6 kidlets under 9 and everyone had a happy, exciting day. Tick, tick and tick!!!
I’m not going to write a novel like the Zamama recap post. Instead I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves and give you the information you might like to use if you are thinking of heading that way.

20140413-204841.jpgGroup shot outside the Museum

We decided to drive, our other option was to drive to Robina and catch the train but we looked into prices and the more cost effective option was to drive.

We parked at the Queensland Cultural Centre car park and it cost us $15 for all day parking, great value. Not sure if parking costs are different on weekdays?

Snacks and water bottles were packed. We treated ourselves to lunch at a nearby Café (there are lots close by). Then of course we headed over to South Bank Parklands where there are more places to dine and most importantly for us grab an

General admission is free. If you choose to visit the sciencentre (within the museum) like we did all the costing is here, I highly recommend visiting this centre, I think it was the highlight of the day for Zakidlets and Zabiggies enjoyed it too! You’ll also get the option of attending a 20 minute interactive science show, today’s was all about sound.
There is also a Deep Oceans exhibition on at the moment, we chose just to keep things simple and stuck with the sciencentre but if you have school age children only I would do both. The Museum offers a Mega ticket deal if you choose to go this way.

I give you some of the many fun moments we had during the course of our little day trip adventure!

Alani's head on fruit plate

Blake throwing for speed

Ella and myself at the table and chairs

Sound show

Ella playing with the visibilty screen

Blake looking at cockroaches

And more cockroaches

Underwater scene

Below I had to take a picture of such a treasure. I shared this picture earlier this afternoon on Facebook and have since found out there are quite a few still in existence in homes of some of my gorgeous readers, it made my night having such information shared back to me.

The old sunbeam mix master

And of course I was drawn to the “Tea”, need I say more than that!

Tea time blurb

Billy Tea

Would we go back? DEFINITELY

Would we do anything differently? NOT ONE THING

City sights in the background

Just go for it lovely ones, you’ll have a ball.
Have you or are you doing something to kick start your holidays? I’d love to hear your ideas. I’m guessing there would be some campers out there with the upcoming Easter break nipping at our heels, I haven’t been game enough to venture down the camping road since having Zakidlets, you never know though, my motto is try anything once, adventures are great!

Stay tuned for my next post, I’ll be sharing the “Poached Fish in Coconut Cream” recipe. Perfect for a Good Friday dish!
Until then……….

Looking for a little adventure these school holidays? We  had ourselves a little day trip to the Queensland Museum today...

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It’s been a while; So good to be back

Hello lovely people!

So good to be back!

I would like to thank everyone for their patience while the blog site was inactive, the new look revamp took a little longer than we first anticipated and my lack of tech savviness certainly didn’t help with the process, still a little tweaking to do but we are up and running.

A big ‘THANK YOU’ needs to be said to BCR8ive Media for revamping, transferring, and pretty much doing everything possible to get Zamamabakes looking smart and sophisticated. An extra thank you to them for answering all my questions and concerns with such patience.


BCR8ive Media provide a fantastic service to help business owners/bloggers with their Digital Media content including Graphic Design, Web Design, App Design, Social Media, Marketing and Sound Design. I can’t speak highly enough of the teams dedicated attitude that provided me  with a great peace of mind, confidently knowing my blog was and is in fantastic hands. So THANK YOU (I can’t say it enough) BCR8ive Media for creating my renovated online workspace, I am looking forward to the blogging adventures that lay ahead of me.

If you are in need of any Digital Media assistance you should definitely consider BCR8ive Media.

Now perhaps a bit of a Zamama update is in order. For those of you who follow my page on Facebook you’re probably a little bit more in the know with things that have been happening while the Blog site has been on update status. Life has been full steam ahead as usual, head down and butt up (trying to work on a slightly less butt, that may have to wait until after Easter now!).

ANYWAY!!!!! Here is the rundown……..


We like to socialise with a cup of tea around here, the two little pretties that reside in the house hosted their own little tea party, which is in the pipeline of posts to come.

One warm summer Saturday afternoon my gorgeous sister-in-law organised a family photo shoot using our property as a backdrop for some of the snaps, it was just beautiful. My amazing sister was the talented photographer. A beautiful afternoon was had by all.

Family photo shoot
Family photo shoot

Zadada celebrated his 35th Birthday, finally catching up to me, (yes I am a cradle snatcher by 5 months). Of course this created the perfect excuse to bake, there was lots of dark chocolate involved and I discovered a successful, delicious Mud cake recipe in the process.

Happy Birthday Zadada
Happy Birthday Zadada
Zadada's Birthday Cake
Zadada’s Birthday Cake

We’ve also had pancake making mornings, creek swimming sessions, crayfish catching and releasing. I almost forgot my beautiful sister celebrates her birthday 2 days before Zadada’s, so I baked her a batch of white chocolate Mud cakes!

Kaymac's Birthday cupcakes
Kaymac’s Birthday cupcakes
Motorbike Pancake
Motorbike Pancake
Mr Crayfish
Mr Crayfish

I rediscovered Kingscliff Markets, a must if you haven’t ever been and a must if you have! A beautiful morning spent, despite the rain with 3 beautiful ladies and one of my little mini’s. I will share more about our day later.

Kingscliff Market
Kingscliff Market

Australia day we shared a great day of fun with some very special friends and it was on this day that an idea was raised of perhaps going on a joint family holiday to Fiji! I’m talking 2 families of 5. So 10 days and 4 quotes later the 10 of us booked a holiday for later this year, I still can’t believe it, very exciting and not something Zadada and I are known for, just going for it, but as my sister would say, YOLO!!! Very much looking forward to a tropical holiday with our little family and gorgeous friends.

Zapuppydog Oz Day
Zapuppydog Oz Day

School went back, work continued on for me at Patrick Egan Optometrist, I also squeezed in a shift with Savoir fare catering at the picturesque Midginbil Hill, a gorgeous venue for a country wedding.

Savoir fare team
Savoir fare team


Before I knew it we were packing our bags for our annual Holiday to Noosa in Sunny Queensland. I have lots to report on there! Anyone heard of Nitrogenie? Well if you haven’t you will soon, Stay tuned for my Noosa Blog Post! A great family holiday escape.

Nitro Genie
Nitro Genie

Later in February saw Zagrandma’s Birthday and another excuse for cake baking (it doesn’t take much), that handy Mud Cake recipe was called upon again and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Zadada and I also managed a little overnight treat in Brisbane to see Eddie Vedder in concert. We road tested 2 restaurants that came on recommendation to us from one of my gorgeous readers Kathryn. The Meatball Company, South Bank was the dinner dining experience, and Southside Tea Room, Morningside was our breakfast point of call. Both delicious. The service we received at The Meatball Company was impeccable, paving the way to a fantastic night spent with my best friend for life.

Zagrandma's Birthday cake
Zagrandma’s Birthday cake
Treat Night
Treat Night


Saturday nights have seen me experimenting with a few newly discovered dinner recipes, pork belly, Chinese cuisine and Roasted rib fillets on the bone. Desserts have not been forgotten, I’ve been creating some Man-size ice-cream hamburgers topped with salted sweet sauces!!!

Chinese cuisine night
Chinese cuisine night
Rib eye fillet roast
Rib eye fillet roast
Ice Cream Hamburger
Ice Cream Hamburger

Oh…. I forgot to mention Wine! What an oversight, how dare I. I have been trying to sample a new bottle of white wine each weekend and oh…. how I am enjoying this little adventure, let’s just say there has been a little bit of dancing in the kitchen!

Wine Discoveries
Wine Discoveries

The rain everyone was waiting for finally came. 2 weeks ago we were flooded in (by that I mean cut off from town by standard travel means, we are in a high position & completely safe). We were not the only ones affected, 370mm of rain was recorded in our general area for a 24 hour period (that’s a stack of water)!!  There were some tears from Ella, not making it to school for her class’s assembly presentation and frustration from me as it was a work day and I knew we would be short staffed. Thank goodness we were only stranded for a day and a half, just over 12 months ago it was 3 days and no power (don’t even take me there!!).



Just last week we celebrated our baby girls 3rd Birthday and yes you guessed it another great reason to bake and experiment with a Disney themed “FROZEN” cake, stay tuned for that little adventure.

Alani's Birthday cake Frozen
Alani’s Birthday cake Frozen

And here we are, at the end of the first school term, almost Easter and almost time for me to bake another Birthday Cake (Blake’s turns 9 on Easter Sunday) a motorbike themed cake is his request!

Apologies for the novel length post, but too much has happened not to share, I give you all permission to give me an eye roll right about now

I am looking forward to sharing the great recipes I have been discovering and experimenting with. I promise the next  post will include one of these treasures, any requests as to what you would like up first?

How have the last couple of months treated you? Have you any delicious Restaurants to recommend? It doesn’t matter where they are I would love to hear about them.

Until then my lovelies……


Hello lovely people! So good to be back! I would like to thank everyone for their patience while the blog site was inact...

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Our Festive Celebrations for 2013

Well hello there!!! Welcome back lovely readers.
Happy New Year to you all!!!
I can’t believe it’s now 2014. Christmas is all done and dusted for another year. Thank goodness Christmas only occurs once a year, I love it, but physically, financially and mentally I think once a year is more than enough for everyone (I believe the next 12 months is to recover).
We had a fantastic festive break, sharing it with beautiful family and friends. I feel truly blessed to be part of such a special network of people. I did promise a post-Christmas Blog Post so rather than waffle on (like I usually do) I think I will let the pictures do more of the talking today.


It was a group effort putting our Christmas day feast together. This was some of the kitchen action on Christmas Eve. Zasister, Zagrandma and Zakidlets all doing their bit. Zadada was doing plenty behind the scenes, taking these pictures, tending to the outside maintenance and keeping Zakidlets entertained.


I love a pretty Christmas table. This year I used a mirror as part of my centre piece on the table (an idea I found on pinterest). I was really happy with how it all turned out.


Tradition in The Zamamabakes household is to attend Mass on Christmas Eve. We managed a quick bite to eat before hand, the kids request of course, but it was lovely to just sit and have a few moments as our family of 5.


We had to leave some treats out for Santa and his Reindeer. The banana and strawberries on the plate was my attempt to Christmas Brekky a little (some more pinterest inspiration).


I love watching the kids discover their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning.


This was our group for Christmas lunch. Zasister, Zagorgeous Aimee, Zabrother, Zadada, Zamama (me), Zapop, Zagrandma and of course Zakidlets our little cherubs Alani, Blake and Ella. Missing from the picture is Zauncle Jim, he was behind the camera for this shot.


Some yummy morning appetizers! I made sure I had that glass of champagne (a Christmas gift from Zasister last year). We had a delicious Cheeseball Zauncle Jim made I intend on sharing the recipe as soon as I can.


This is some of what was on offer for lunch, dinner and lunch again on boxing day!! So much food, so delicious.


Zakidlets table and the rest of us.


Dessert was scrumptious another great group effort.


And just in case you felt like something else sweet we had Zanan’s Trifle, Zagrandma’s fruit cake and a tray of yummy homemade chocolates.


It’s not Christmas without a spot of cricket, I chose to spectate and ensure the electric fence was switched off!!!


How could we forget Zapuppydog!! Blake found this dog shirt at the reject shop before Christmas, wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas tree for Locky. It was a little on the tight side so it was on long enough to take a picture. I think Zapuppydog needs to lose a little weight, (his New Years resolution perhaps).


Boxing day brought some motor biking action.


As well as some construction action.
Lots of fun was had by all involved.


For Christmas Zagrandma and Zapop, Zanan and Zapop as well as Zadada and Myself all put in to purchase a climbing fort for Zakidlets. The only thing was it came flat packed.


The day after boxing day we had a working bee that went for 12 hours (I happened to be in at work for 8 of those hours). I still managed to lend a bit of a helping hand when I got home (I think) for a few brief moments at least (I fitted in the fort a little more comfortably than Zadada), they even let me loose with the drill!!!


The finished product with some very happy owners!!
Thank you to Zanan, Zagrandma, Zapop and Zadada for making this happen all in a day!!!
For those interested we purchased the climbing fort from the ceder climbing frame specialists. See details here. We are extremely happy with it so far.


We also managed a beach trip during the festive break. We had a great day!!!


Before we knew it a week had passed and a new year was almost upon us. We stayed at home sharing New Years Eve with some lovely friends.


New Year celebrations are not complete without Dessert!! In fact no celebration is complete without dessert!! I made an easy Chocolate, cream and berry log, it’s a bit of a cheats dessert, great when you are a little time poor and is always yummy!!

I am looking forward to sharing some recipes from the festive break soon.
While the kids are on holidays things may be a little hit and miss, I will do my best.
It’s great to be back, stay tuned.


Well hello there!!! Welcome back lovely readers. Happy New Year to you all!!! I can't believe it's now 2014. Christmas i...

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The Gift Of Giving

Christmas time should be a special time for everyone but the reality is there are a lot of people who go without at Christmas.
Zadada and I are always trying to explain to Zakidlets especially the older 2 how fortunate they are to have a safe, happy and comfortable home to live in. Being so young, I understand its hard for little people to comprehend much more than if they feel hungry or sad let alone considering how someone else might be feeling. That’s when I thought about a way I might be able to involve Zakidlets in a little project that would hopefully give them some better insight into the needs of others and that giving gifts can be more important and rewarding then receiving gifts, (I think it will take quite some time for them to fully understand this concept, I can only try).
As most of you already know I held a cake stall at a local Handmade Christmas Market last weekend and I promised I would donate any profits to local Christmas charities. I decided on 2 separate charities one being ‘Operation Santa’ which is run through Target department stores in partnership with Uniting Care. You have the choice of either purchasing a gift of your choice or donating a gift card. The second Charity was the St Vincent de Paul Society. You can donate non-perishable Christmas fare which is included in Christmas hampers getting distributed to local families in need.
So come Monday this week we set to work, shopping for gifts and Christmas fare.
We started with the 2 gifts, I let Blake and Ella do the looking and suggesting then we all collaborated and finalised the purchases. I think they did a really great job with their selections.


We then payed for our purchases and headed for Target to attach and fill out the appropriate gift tags.


A lovely sales assistant by the name of Joseph collected our gifts for ‘Operation Santa’ and happily obliged to have his picture taken with Zakidlets!! Thank you so much Joseph!!


Moving on we headed across to the supermarket to shop for our hamper contributions. Again I asked Blake and Ella for their input on what they thought should go into someone’s house at Christmas time. You may notice there is a box of Coco Pop’s in both trollies, the suggestion of breakfast cereal came up and I asked what cereal they would want to eat on Christmas day? Can you guess what their response was? In the Zamamabakes household Coco Pops are a ‘sometimes’ food (we only have them for special occasions like holiday’s, birthday brekkies and of course Christmas brekkies!!). One box was purchased separately for us the other was included in the ‘Hamper’ collection.


I think these 2 little people really enjoyed their shopping experiences.


This is what we ended up with. I know it looks a little on the party, sugary side of things but it is Christmas after all, I can assure you we had some real food in their too.


On Tuesday after School 4 of us (poor Zadada was at work) arrived at St Vincent de Paul to deliver our hamper contributions.


We were introduced to a lovely lady Bernadette and we handed our bundle over to her. Bernadette happily obliged to have her photo taken too.
I guess no visit is complete at Vinnies without making a personal purchase or 3. Blake asked if he could go and look at the toy section, the girls were one step behind. They all found an item they wanted to take home. I struck a deal with them, agreeing to make the purchases on condition that when we arrived home they had to find me some toys of their own I could take back the next day to donate. They happily obliged.

It was only yesterday that Blake commented he would love to see the little boys face on Christmas morning that gets the gift we donated to ‘Operation Santa’. That’s what the gift of giving is all about!!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to my Zamamabakes Cake Stall last weekend. Together we have made a small positive difference in someone’s Christmas experience.

Until next time…..

Christmas time should be a special time for everyone but the reality is there are a lot of people who go without at Chri...

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A fun family outing

Last weekend  we had our local Agricultural show. It’s certainly not something to compare with the Brisbane Ekka or Sydney Royal Easter show but it is special to our little family and always proves to be a lovely little social outing, we always find ourselves catching up with other local friends we don’t get to see on a regular basis.
The show only runs for 2 days Friday and Saturday, we generally choose to go out on the Saturday afternoon. This gives us enough time to have a walk around the exhibitions, let the kids have a ride or 2, have a chat here and there and grab a bite to eat before waiting for the show finale fireworks!!!

This year there was a new visitor to the show, a lovely ferris wheel which certainly attracted lots of attention.


Of course there were the stock standard attractions.


Alani and Ella enjoyed a ride on the elephant merry-go-round.


On display was some very old farming equipment, this bulldozer being one of them.


Blake was quite proud of himself this year as he had reached the height required to drive a dodgem car all by himself, even if he did drive backwards a few times, a big thankyou to the ride assistant that got him back on track each time.


Ella and Blake both loved the harnessed trampolines at the show, as you can see by the look on Ella’s face, although when the lady offered to show Ella how to do a backflip, she politely declined the offer and continued with her conservative bouncing routine she felt comfortable with. Blake on the other hand was more than happy to be shown how to do backflips and successfully achieved doing them, there was no holding him back.


The Trot races are always fun to watch.


As you can see Alani  (Miss Independence) very much enjoyed her train ride. I love this picture.


I am not a vegetarian but I do like to enjoy food from all walks of life including vegetarian food. I was far from disappointed with the generous plate of food I received from this little food stall. I think I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture to share with you all. Zadada made a choice earlier in the afternoon to stick with show tradition and have himself a dagwood dog!!! I think about half an hour after consuming it he regretted his decision, but isn’t that what eating dagwood dog’s is all about!!! ha ha ha and I failed to get a picture of that too.

Finally it was time for the fireworks and they more then delivered, quite the spectacle. We had 2 out of 3 children enjoy the fireworks, poor little Alani is still very scared of them but I’m sure she’ll grow out of her fear soon enough just as the older 2 have.

So there you have it, a summary of our little family outing.
The kids now have another 12 whole months to wait for the next show to roll around.
It’s funny how when you are a child you value things differently to when you are an adult. On the way in to the show I asked the kids if they had a choice between going to Noosa heads for the weekend or spending the afternoon at the show they looked at me like I had 2 heads, their reply of course was, “The Show”!!!!

Last weekend  we had our local Agricultural show. It's certainly not something to compare with the Brisbane Ekka or Sydn...

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An Outdoor Adventure as a family of 5 plus 1 furry friend

We are very fortunate to be bringing up our 3 beautiful children on acreage in Northern NSW. Last weekend for the first time together all 5 of us including Zapuppydog Locky went for a bush walking adventure on our property. I have to say I’m not usually a bushwalking, adventuring Zamama, but I know how much the kids love being outside just like Zadada so I thought right make the effort Zamama so I did and I am so glad I did because we had a great morning.
I think sometimes we get so wound up with life in general that we forget to really appreciate what is right under our nose.
It was too good a day not to share some pictures with you all. I will treasure this little adventure forever, you may not be able to go back in time but photo’s are great for taking good memories forward.

So off we set up over our rolling hills on a beautiful blue skied day.

It was somewhere between the photo above and the next below that Zadada spotted a snake, slithering away from us and with that the not so brave Zamama was very ready to turn around and run home, but assured by her husband that the snake would not be interested in gobbling up any of her family members or herself she continued on. I must add at this point not one of our three children flinched at the fact that a snake had been sighted, they stopped in their tracks when Zadada told them to stop but they certainly did not share the anxious fear and racing heart that I did. I guess that’s the difference between being brought up as a child on the land as opposed to being introduced to it at the age of 29 like me (but more on that another time, I may have lived here now for almost 6 years but I am still learning the ropes of out-of-town living).

I don’t know about the rest of you but we can’t take Zakidlets anywhere without their little tummies rumbling. We found a beautiful little spot in the rainforest and set up for a little morning tea picnic.


Once those little and big rumbling tummies had been satisfied it was time for some exploring , splashing in the creek and listening out for all the amazing sounds you hear when you are in a rainforest. It gave Zadada and I great pleasure to watch our 3 little munchkins taking in everything that was around them.



I should add it was not all smooth sailing, we did have one little family member decide they need the bathroom!!!!!!……….fortunately we managed to make do with what the great outdoors had to offer and everyone was ok.

Middle munchkin Ella thought that because she was ready to go home (in other words she had no more food left) everyone else should be ready to go home too. Eventually she got her wish but not before everyone was ready (that girl needs to learn a little more about being patient and courteous, ha ha maybe one day in my Zamama dreams!!!).

So we packed up and headed for home which was only about 20 minutes walk away and that includes walking with a 2 1/2 year old who did extremely well for her first real bushwalking adventure.


Our adventure ended with a bit of clay wall climbing for the kids.
I would love to say a big thankyou to our fantastic tour guide, AKA Zadada. You are one very patient man and I appreciate everything you do for our little family.

My advice to everyone whether you live in the city or the country is get out in the sunshine and fresh air as much as you can, it really is good medicine and helps to refresh the soul.

We are very fortunate to be bringing up our 3 beautiful children on acreage in Northern NSW. Last weekend for the first...

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