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Car Chats……..Round 8

Car Chats with Zamamabakes

Hello there lovelies! Hope the school holidays are treating you all kindly. Week 1 flew past for us with, planting gardens, home visits from cousins, baking with m&m’s (you’ll see them on the blog later this week), kidlets enjoying a movie day with a Nan and an Aunty (I got to go to work), catch ups with special friends at the park including lunching at the golden arches, buying new school shoes, lunch out with Grandma and Pop (I got to work again!!),  Birthday breakfasts with Great grandparents, baking a slice, Monster Jam outings for one Zadada , one Blake and a little friend, little friends sleeping over and meeting my cousins fiancé for the first time (one threenager has been asked to be flower girl and one threenager is beside herself with excitement!!) I can’t believe we fitted all this plus all the ordinary stuff into one week, time definitely flies when you are having fun…..I just love school holidays, I think I gain a good hour more from each day (even though I probably waste it), I feel myself racing just a little bit less!

Getting onto our ‘car chats’……..

A hot topic that’s been getting tossed around the car is what to call our new Puppy!!! Yes you read it right! We are adding to our family, Zapuppydog, David the cat and our 3 guinea pigs are gaining a new furry sister!!! We just haven’t come up with a name for her yet. I was kind of hoping that maybe you guys would lend a hand with that. Just to give you a little visual she is a Black Moodle which is a Poodle crossed with a Maltese terrier. She is a belated Father’s day gift for Zadada  the whole family is going to enjoy! All going well she will join our family sometime within the next two weeks! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with a full debrief once she arrives.

The other ‘car chat’ that has stuck in my mind this fortnight would be one that Blake and I had, just out of the blue he said “Mum, sometimes I say the wrong thing when I talk to people, when they say hello to me I say good thanks”. This little observation of his made me smile and chuckle as I couldn’t tell you how many times the same thing has happened to me over the years. I explained to Blake that we get so used to communicating in a particular way that it’s like we’re on autopilot, sometimes our mouths speak faster than what our brains can think.

I went to work and was telling my work colleague Cathy about it, she said “it’s a bit like when you’re walking down the street and you think you’re being waved to by a person up ahead,  you politely wave back only to realise they’re waving to their friend behind you”. Cathy’s comment then made me think about the social situation of when you experience that moment with a friend/acquaintance/work colleague, you know the one when you’re not quite sure if the person is going to hug or kiss you or if you should kiss or hug them? Life is full of little surprises and awkward moments. Human interaction can be very entertaining and educating at times!  All these types of moments usually make me smile afterwards, I kind of shake my head at myself and call myself a goose along with whatever else springs to mind! Welcome to the world of unpredictable Blake!

So lovely people what’s been chatting, have you experienced any awkward, surprising moments of late? Have you gone in for that non-responsive hug and ended up having to make it look like you’re doing some kind of new dance move?

Remember the big issue, I want to hear any name suggestions you have for our new little furry family member!

Until the next time…..



Hello there lovelies! Hope the school holidays are treating you all kindly. Week 1 flew past for us with, planting garde...

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Car Chats……..Round 7

Car Chats with Zamamabakes

Well here we are almost at the end of another school term, the weeks just seem to be flying by.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 2 months since our Fiji holiday!

Regardless of the time that passes almost every day involves a trip to town, in the car and as you know these trips involve chats!!!!!

Here’s this weeks run down……

Alani was awfully concerned about a ‘dead’ horse in a paddock we drove past, I quickly reassured her it was just sleeping in the sun, though I did have to look twice!

Blake enlightened us all that there was blood in the car! Of course (thinking someone was scratched or had blown their nose too hard)  I asked “where?” And Blake responded with “It’s in all of us Mum”, “Oh yes of course Blake, you’re a thinker aren’t you” I replied, in a relieved thank goodness I don’t have a mess to clean up kind of way! But then we had Alani the threenager to contend with telling us there is not blood in our bodies “we have bones Mum”, trying not to confuse one 3-year-old anymore than what she already was I said “yes we do have bones Lan’s but we also have blood, it doesn’t hurt it’s just part of our bodies”, I’m certainly no scientist but we eventually got past the biology session.

On a musical note Ella has recently appointed herself as DJ of the car having CD’s at hand ready for our trips, instructing to me the number track it needs to be on for each person’s favourite song. We’re still banging on with “Hey Brother”, I really need to invest in a new ‘So Fresh’ album!

Now I’m not sure about the rest of you but we have had our germiest school term ever, we started with 3 rounds of the vomit bug (thankfully Zadada and I dodged that one) but after that we had snot viruses followed by more snot viruses and you guessed it more snot, in fact for the last 7 weeks we’ve had a large box tissues travelling with us and the antibacterial hand sanitiser has been close at hand too! I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that term 4 is a nice, healthy, snot free one for us all!

So lovelies…….what’s been chatting in your car this week?

Any science lessons happening?

Been through many boxes of tissues this term?

What’s the latest tune selection in your car?

Until the next time…….


Well here we are almost at the end of another school term, the weeks just seem to be flying by. It's hard to believe it'...

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